Early Identification and Intervention in Childrens Mental Health problems produces better outcomes for children than treatment at a later stage. CAMHS is therefore involved in consultation and training to community colleagues to identify children as soon as possible. CAMHS also works jointly to consult and supervise other professionals in the borough where they are working with a family or a child with an emotional/behavioural problem to support their work.

Two multidisciplinary teams provide the assessments and treatments for the majority of referrals for children and young people aged five to eighteen.

An Under Fives Specialist Team offers consultations and training to the Children’s Centres and assessments and treatments of young children.

The other specialist teams provide a CAMHS service for

All 60 schools in the borough and 16 Childrens Centres have a named CAMHS clinician attached to their school.

Assessments are conducted for Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety (Social /Phobic/OCD) Depression and Family relationships and goal based interventions offered accordingly.


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Last updated on 21st November 2017