Parent Training Groups

Islington CAMHS offers a range of parenting groups which are delivered in our clinics, schools and children’s centres.

Parenting groups aim to inform, support and coach parents to use strategies which help them to parent in the best way they can. Research shows that when parents use certain strategies consistently with their child, they see improvements in their child’s behaviours. By meeting with other parents facing similar challenges with their children, parents tell us they often feel less alone, more confident and they gain new ideas.

Groups meet weekly for 2-2 ½ hours and vary in length (6 to 18 weeks in length). Each meeting involves facilitators introducing strategies (often through DVD clips), parents sharing their experiences of using strategies and practising in the sessions.

Types of groups offered

 Across Islington there are many parenting groups offered to parents. Please click here for a guide to help parents understand what each group aims to help you with and how you can refer yourself or get referred.

CAMHS are involved in offering:

 1) Early intervention groups

 – Group for parents and babies

 – Groups for parents of toddlers

 – Groups for parents of children aged 3-6 years

2) Groups for specific difficulties

–  Groups for parents of children with ADHD. Please click here for more information on ADHD parenting groups.

–  Groups for parents of children with behaviour difficulties

Parent and Carer’s Experiences of the groups

Baby Parent Training Groups:

‘I’m feeling like I am under less pressure to be perfect and I have established a little bedtime routine that he really responds to. I have also learned to try and stop comparing myself to other mothers”

“I’m much more confident, which I think has made her calmer.’

‘Learning about new activities to do with my baby. Learning coping techniques when he cries or doesn’t sleep, makes my relationship with him a great one!’

Toddler Parent Training Groups

“Group discussions were very open and a good way of getting support.”

“I have a better understanding of development of my son and how small steps in situations can have a positive influence on him. Try every idea you never know it might work.”

Early Childhood Parent Training Groups:

“After doing the group I feel less stress, shout less, communicate more and understand them more”

“I use praise and encouragement with my son. Now he wants to practice skills like writing and I can help him to address his feelings and tell him it’s okay to be upset and encourage him.”

‘Do it, it’s really good’. 

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Last updated on 22nd November 2017