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What is online therapy?

With the increased use and benefits of technology and the internet, online therapy or “e-therapy” are types of therapy which are delivered in an accessible way, through the internet.

Online therapy is a relatively new development and includes many different approaches such as:

  • Computer based applications through your computer, mobile device or tablet such as online support forums, on-line therapy (without any direct input form a therapist).
  • Websites which provide good quality information about mental health problems training programmes and modules.

Online therapy or “E- therapy” aims to improve psychological well-being and to assist those working with people who have mental health difficulties. Online therapy has been developed for a wide range of mental health difficulties including, anxiety, depression, ADHD and eating disorders.

Some online therapy is free but some of it is has a fee for using the site.

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What are the limitations of online therapy?

Although online therapy is an innovative and helpful for some types of problem, online therapy is different in many ways from receiving face to face therapy.

Online therapy cannot diagnose mental illness online but it can offer guidance and advice to people working with or experiencing mental health difficulties.

Confidentiality should also be considered before signing up to online therapy, such as ensuring you keep passwords and computer details safe so only you can access your online profile with personal information.

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Recommendations and Links

Please see list below for a list of online therapy, which we recommend:

  • moodgymMoodGYM is a free, fun, interactive program consisting of a number of different modules. These modules are designed to be completed in order and explore issues such as:
    • Why you feel the way you do
    • Changing the way you think
    • Changing ‘warped’ thoughts
    • Knowing what makes you upset
    • Assertiveness and interpersonal skills training


  • moodscopeMoodscope is a free, creative and innovative way to help you track and lift your mood over time.


  • triple_pTriple P Online – Positive Parenting Program is an online parenting programme for parents whose children (aged 3-8 years old) are struggling with a variety of behavioural difficulties. The programme consists of 8 online parenting modules, each of which takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.


  • MindEdMindED provides free online education or ‘e-learning’, to help adults to identify and understand children and young people with mental health issues. MindED aim to provide clear and simple guidance on mental health to the one million adults who work with children and young people, to help them support the development of young healthy minds.

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Last updated on 17th February 2014