There are many ways which you can be involved:

  • Young People’s Workshops – We do lots of different fun and creative activities. In the past, young people have been involved in designing our new website, revamping the waiting room, helping to design internet safety policy and also a workshop about stigma.


  • Parent and Carer’s Coffee Mornings –  This is a chance for parents and carers to share their views to transform the service and to enjoy some coffee and cake!


  • Meeting for a chatWe understand that not all young people and parents/carers can come to groups, for many different reasons, so we can offer to meet you to give you the same opportunity as the groups but in a different setting.


  • Interview Panels – We routinely have young people and parents/carers involved as part of our interview panels. We realise how important your views are when recruiting new therapists based on your experience. We will make sure that you are involved in the decision making as much as possible and that you also gain skills from this experience. We also provide vouchers for your help with this.


  • Online Surveys and Phone Calls – We realise that some people are not always available to meet us in person but we still want to give you the opportunity to become involved.  Another way we can do this may be through a phone call or an online survey.


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Last updated on 22nd November 2017