At Islington CAMHS we feel it is extremely important that you receive the service that you deserve. Therefore we promise to do our best to deliver on the below.

  • Valuing difference.
  • Seeing you as an individual rather than a label.
  • Never discriminating (regardless of culture, race, gender, age and sexuality).
  • Communicating in understandable ways
    • Not using jargon
    • Helping you understand if you don’t
    • Arranging an interpreter if you need one
  • To use recommended interventions to help you resolve your difficulties.
  • Treating you with dignity and respect.
  • Empathising with your experiences.
  • Adapting the way we work, as much as we can, to fit with your individual needs.
  • Confidentiality: We promise to keep what you say to us private, unless we believe that you may be at risk, in which case we would speak to someone who can help.
  • If things don’t come under our criteria, we will help you to access support in other services.
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Last updated on 16th November 2017