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What is Growing Together?

We work with parents and children between 1 and 5 years old, when both the adult and child are having difficulties. As a parent it can be hard to support your child’s development, if you are also struggling with your own problems.  If you are feeling low, worried, stressed, angry or lonely, it may be harder to enjoy being a parent. Talking to a therapist in the Growing Together team can help.

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Can Growing Together help my family?

If any of the descriptions below seem to fit your family, then Growing Together should be able to help you. Parents often tell us they:

  • Aren’t enjoying being a parent as much as they had hoped: you might be struggling with parenting or feel like you want to be working but can’t.
  • Feel low or sad: you might be crying or upset a lot of the time, or have no energy for all the things you have to do. You might be having negative thoughts about yourself, your life or your parenting.
  • Feel anxious: you might be worrying a lot or feeling afraid about your child’s safety. You might not feel able to do things you would usually do, because you just feel too anxious to do them. Worrying might mean you are doing some things constantly, like washing your hands or checking and rechecking things.
  • Find that they are easily frustrated and irritated by other people: this may be your child, partner, family or friends. You might feel like others don’t understand how hard it is or try and make things more difficult for you.
  • Have experienced a traumatic event: you (or your child) may have been affected by violence, a serious accident, war, or a difficult bereavement. 


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 How might Growing Together work with my family?

We offer individual or couple sessions for parents. We also run groups for parents on a range of topics. We offer sessions for parents and their child together to improve their relationship and the child’s behaviour. All of our work is designed to help parents to feel better, and to help their children learn to manage their emotions, build good relationships and develop skills for the future.

We meet with families in children’s centres, GP practices and other community settings.

We are trying to make sure that families are able to get the help they need, when they need it. To help with this, we spend time in Children’s Centres and Nurseries talking to staff about the wellbeing of parents and their children. We also offer training to professionals who work with young children and their families in Islington.

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How can I see the Growing Together team?

If you think that Growing Together could help your family, then please speak with your health visitor, GP, or someone from your local Children’s Centre, nursery or school. They can talk to you about what support you would like and contact Growing Together for you.

One of the therapists from Growing Together will then telephone you to arrange a meeting with you.



Upcoming events

Calmer nights web

Are you a parent of a child aged 1-5 and looking for ways to improve you and your child’s sleep? Do you live in Islington or have an Islington GP?

Growing Together are running a two-hour workshop exploring ways to improve both parents’ and children’s sleep and support them to feel more confident about their family’s routine. You are welcome to bring your child along!

Where and When?

  • Wednesday 21st March 2018, 1oam – 12pm
  • Hornsey Road Children’s Centre   
  • Sign up online at: http://bit.ly/2jA7xW3
  • Or call Hornsey Road Children’s Centre on 0207 527 2005

Download the leaflet for more information: Calmer nights Hornsey Road March 2018


Stress Less Parenting Workshop

Growing Together are running a 2-hour stress reduction workshop tailored for parents with children aged 1-5 who are living is Islington or have an Islington GP. You are welcome to bring your child along!

Where and When?

  • Monday 19th February 2018, 11am – 1pm
  • Willow Children’s Centre   
  • Sign up online at: http://bit.ly/2FpkzQn
  • Or call Willow children’s Centre on 0207 527 1990

 Download our flyer for more information: Stress Less Willow Feb 18


MindSkills Group

 Growing Together are running a 6-week course to learn CBT skills to manage depression or anxiety tailored for parents with children aged 1-5. This group is open to parents with low mood or anxiety and a child aged 1-5 living either living in Islington or with an Islington GP.

Where and When?

  •  Tuesday 17th April – Tuesday 22nd May 2018, 11am – 1pm
  •  Hornsey Road Children’s Centre   

 Want to book a place?

 Please download the flyer  growing together mindskills_final April 2018 (2)   and ask any professional working with your family (e.g. GP, Nursery, Health Visitor, Family Support Worker) to refer you to Growing Together for the MindSkills group.






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Last updated on 9th February 2018