After lots of feedback from our young people, parents and carers about having more mental health information available, Islington CAMHS have just launched a new project with North Library. This project offers children’s fiction, non fiction and parenting books on prescription to members of our community.

If you are interested in this scheme you can talk to us or your clinician about getting a slip to loan one of our books.

The clinician that you see at Islington CAMHS may suggest a book might help you to address a particular difficulty with yourself or your child. The clinician will give you a slip to take to North Library to loan the book.

Please click here to find list of the books we currently have.

If you think of a book that has helped you and we do not have on our list please let us know by writing it in our online suggestion box.

The suggested books have been recommended by people who have found used it previously and found it helpful. Like other “self help” methods, it will require some effort on your part too. You might think about setting some regular time to read the book and to follow any advice or instructions it contains.

Please also go to our resource section of the website for Children and Young People and Parents and Carers

  • Please treat the book as if you would any other library book
  • Please do not mark or write on it
  • If the book includes any exercises or questionnaires, please make your own copy of the material (or ask us to) and use this for your work.

Please click here to see our leaflet


Please click here to see our flyer


Questions you may have

Do I have to be a member of this library to use this service?

No, you don’t have to be an existing member of the library. The prescription will be signed by a CAMHS professional with your name, address and date of birth which is sufficient information to become a library member.

However, to reserve books online and pick up at the most convenient library to you in Islington, you do have to be a member. To reserve a book, please  Click here .


Can books really help?

Yes, there is good evidence that using self help strategies from books can help people with a wide range of difficulties they may be experiencing. We have chosen the books which we think are great tools in helping you with many common difficulties people who use are service experience.

Effectiveness of these books does depend on how much effort the reader puts into following the guidance given by the book. Non fiction books can also be very helpful in helping children address problems in a way that is easy to understand.

Please also visit our online resource section for more self help information for Children and Young People and Parents and Carers.

 Is this service confidential?

Once you have your library slip, you can take it to the library or get someone else to take it for you. The library staff are professionals and will treat you with dignity and respect. This means that they will not share any information about who is borrowing a book or what the book is about.


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Last updated on 26th February 2014