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Mike’s Story

This is a true story however some information has been changed to protect the identity and safety of this person.

 My experience of bullies:

I didn’t like school, it was unfair. I was an easy target and got bullied. It was horrible at school I ended up giving money to boys for football trainers, they weren’t my friends and they used me. I had to steal money from my family because they threatened to get me if I didn’t. I felt scared.


 I was also called names at school. It stopped when my mum met with the teachers but she had to pull me out of school


Bullying broke my heart.  I gave up because I felt I had nothing.  No one deserves to be bullied, everyone deserves a happy life


What helped you / would have helped you at the time?


It would have helped me if teachers were more on my side, it would have been good if they made me feel open and comfortable about reporting the bullies.


 It would have also helped if they did things like have anti bullying posters, assemblies and adverts around the school and other places


 I think a really good thing would be if other young people who went through the similar experiences as me could have helped me by sharing their experiences and offering their advice. I would like to reach out to people who have suffered like I have and offer them hope for the future


Speaking to someone through counselling also helped me a lot


Meeting new people would have also helped me such as going to youth clubs


What advice would you give to other young people in your position to help them and to make sure they keep themselves safe?

– Stand up to bullying

– Tell someone

– Don’t let people judge you for who you are

– Never give up

– Avoid and be careful on social network sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM). See our internet safety page for more advice.

– STAMP out bullying:

     – Stand up

     – Tell someone

     – Avoid bad situation

     – Make friends

– Project Confidence

– Respect each other

– Counselling helped me and it was great I had people supporting me


What do other young people think?

 At a recent anti bullying conference at the Emirates Stadium young people came up with lots of ideas and tips to help stop bullying.  

Ideas that young people came up with were:


–  Tell someone such as a teacher, parent or a trusted friend


–  “If you see someone being bullied – don’t just leave it”


–  “Don’t leave people out”


–  “Stop bullying information should be around schools”


– “Don’t make fun of others”


–   “Don’t keep it to yourself”


–  “Treat others how you want to be treated”


– “Try and stay positive”



Useful links and Videos


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Please click here to see a range of bullying resources and leaflets for children and young people

Please click here to see a range of bullying resources and leaflets for parents and carers


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Last updated on 6th February 2015